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Vi Man I've been using Vi IMproved as my primary editor for several years now. It is my opinion, it is the best vi clone and possibly the best editor available today. If you haven't given it a try, you should. You won't be disappointed. Vim has all the features of the original vi, but Vim also has some other very useful enhancements. Among the enhancements are:
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Macro Language
  • Syntax Highlighting for over 200 languages. It is very easy to create new ones.
  • Visual Block Highlighting
  • Supported on over 30+ operating systems
  • GUI and console versions
  • Handles Dos, Unix and Mac files
  • Screen splitting and multiple buffers
  • many, many more...

For more information on vi, head over to the Vi Lovers Homepage.

Below are some of my contributions...

.vimrc  (Updated April 24th, 2003)
.vimrc contains all my personal setting.

lanzarotta.vim  (Updated April 24th, 2003)
lanzarotta.vim is my personal color scheme.  (Updated 23 July 2004) allows you to view a list of all the buffers Vim currently has opened, From the list you can quickly switch to a different buffer of close the buffer without having to know the buffers number.

This file contains the bufexplorer.vim plugin as well as the bufexplorer.txt help file. When you unzip this file it will create a plugin and doc directory; therefore, you may want to copy this file to the directory above where your plugin and doc files are located.
  • Mouse support
  • Resembles the 'File' Explorer
  • Don't have to know Vim commands.
  • Sort by 'buffer name', 'buffer number' or 'most recently used' in forward or reverse order.
Full Screen screenshot
Split Screen screenshot

rcs-menu.vim  (Updated March 18th, 2003)
rcs-menu.vim gives you the ability to perform various rcs command on the currently opened file. For example, you can check-in, check-out, checked-out (locked), revert to last version and show rcs history. If you are not using the gui version of Vim, no problem, you will keymappings assigned to allow you to perform the commands.

Here's a version for Vim version 5.x, rcs-menu.vim

cf.vim  (Updated March 1st, 2002)
cf.vim is a syntax file for Allaire's Cold Fusion.

plsql.vim  (Updated September 20th, 2002)
plsql.vim is a syntax file for Oracle's Programming Language for SQL.

nsi.vim  (Updated March 1st, 2002)
nsi.vim is a syntax file for Nullsoft's "SuperPimp" Installer.

stp.vim  (Updated March 1st, 2002)
stp.vim is a syntax file for Sybase's Transact-SQL and SQL Anywhere Stored Procedure languages.

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